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Google AdWords Checklist

  • Plan
  • Research
  • Offer
  • Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Tracking
  • Campaign Settings
  • Continually Optimize

The Google AdWords Checklist highlights the key areas you need to do in order to create a profitable and productive Google AdWords Search Campaign. This is the process we utilize ourselves as well as to set up and oversee AdWords advertising campaigns for our customers.


Our 8 stages are:

  • Get ready for great achievement
  • Research the keywords
  • Make a convincing offer
  • Compose attractive advertisements
  • HIghly attractive Landing Page
  • Enable yourself the ability to tracks all aspects of your campaign
  • Consistently update/upgrade your campaign for greater performance

Like all things in life, ‘if you fail to prepare – prepare to fail!’


1 – By using your time efficiently and effectively, research and plan your marketing campaign down to the last details, one this has been done, you will minimize the risks and maximize your odds of success.

2 – Once your plan has been put in place, it’s time for the critical element of your advertising that will either make or break your campaign…The Research; your competitors, customers, keywords and costings.

3 – The following are the three greatest considerations needed for achieving your objections from your advertising campaign:  Your target audienceYour offerYour online content.

4 – An online advertising campaign is simple mathematics. The more visitors to your site (PPC – Pay Per Click) = more traffic (opportunities to close the sale and increase revenues) + more