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At AWD we build relationships with our clients so that we can work together as one team.

We specialize in creating unique web designs.

Our creative team are always challenging themselves to strive for the best – exceeding all your expectations.

Anova Web Design – Years of Hands-On Experience!


We believe that great web design, equals great marketing, which leads to great success!

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We consider every customer as a partner

- Asaf Naim


Asaf is the co-founder of AWD and has numerous years of experience in the field of Web Design and Web Development. Asaf has a reputation among his friends and colleagues as ‘The man that never sleeps!’, if ever you want to know where he can be found, your best bet would be…in his office!Asaf’s work ethic and punishing desire to be the best and offer his clients the same sense of satisfaction, is what drives him forward to be a greater success every day.His hobby, is the only other thing that gets Asaf on the same level as his work and that’s the adrenaline pumping sport of SKYDIVING. A keen skydiver from his earlier days in the military, keep Asaf grounded and realizing that life is for living.

- Asaf Kampf


Co-founder with Asaf Naim, Asaf Kampf too has a wealth of experience in the industry, but from a slightly different perspective, the other side of the desk. A keen salesman and relationship maker, Asaf hasall the charm and business acumen needed to gain the trust of new clients and maintain long-standing relationships with existing clientele.Asaf spends his time away from work with his family enjoying his pastime, scuba diving. Not quite an expert yet, but Asaf is keen to learn and wants to be able to visit the famous dive spots around the world.

- Aaron Almani

New york - Technical Advisor

Ronnie is an essential part of the AWD team as there is nothing he doesn’t know about the technical parts of the business. Ronnie also contains all the essentials needed to keep a busy and thriving business up to date with advancing technology and advising clients on their needs and demands.Ronnie’s favorite past time is his love of motor sports and more specifically motorbikes. You’ll often hear Ronnie arriving from a long distance away from the roar of his bike.

- Adam Phillips

Marketing Consultant

Adam is the heartbeat of the company, he keeps the flow of the company consistantly moving, allowing all the mechanical parts to work with one another and keep all the cogs oiled and moving smoothly.Other than his large growing family (8 kids), Adam has a sporting background that gives him the well deserved rest he needs, allowing him time off to coach both his boys and girls soccer teams. He is also a very keen cook and is often seen cooking and feeding the masses (mainly his own).

- Tom Sagiv.

Marketing Consultant

Every good company needs a young whippersnapper to keep their older/more experienced colleagues on their toes and young Tom certainly does. Wishing to be the CEO after his first week is the sign of an ambitious guy and there are none more so than Tom, his hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to succeed is infectious, and who knows…one day he may well become the CEO.Tom’s motto in life is ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and that is certainly what he does in abundance. Socializing frequently is Tom’s past-time and he has certainly got great experience with it.

- Maia Avitan

Project Manager

Maia heads up the Project Manager Team and makes sure that the team are coordinating all departments together to create the best sites possible for our customers.Many people would not know this about Maia (even some of her close family), she is a huge Opera fan and sneaks away to performances as and when she can.

- Lee Dikshtein

VP Customer Relationship

Lee has been with AWD for 2 years and plays a very important roll between our clients and ourselves, ensuring that all parties are happy and communications between all is of the highest level.When Lee is not working, she likes to unwind to the mellowness of yoga and general fitness.

- Karen M. Mines

Project Manager=

Karen specializes in the Food & Beverage industry and so therefore is responsible for maintaining our restaurant, hotels and hospitality, bar and food products clientele.Following in her previous career background, Karen likes Fine Dining in New York City’s best restaurants.

- Aaron Verdin

Project Manager

Aaron manages our clients from the world of accounting, CPA’s, attorneys, property management and other corporate industries.Aaron is a cat lover, he currently has 4 cats living with him, but can often be seen taking in injured or orphaned kittens.

- James Batts

Project Manager

James looks after the remaining other sectors such as pet grooming, online retailers, jewelers and many many more.James is a very keen active sportsman and when not playing sport, his other hobby is watching sports (any sport, any time, anywhere)

- David Sanders

Lead Designer

David has extensive knowledge and experience in Graphic Design and heads up the design team, lending them his keen eye for detail and his unscrupulous demand for perfection.David is a keen gardener who likes to grow his own fruit and vegetables and be self-sufficient, his own garden design was nominated for Homes & Garden 2016.

- Katherine Barnes


Katherine works very closely with Karen and Aaron to ensure that the clients needs and desires are met, through extensive discussion and interpretation.Karen’s other passion is music and is regularly seen DJing at nightclubs and bars around the city.

- Jonathan Summer


Jonathan is our in-house graphic designer who creates illustration samples for clients, deals with media work and handles all our social media activity too.Jonathan is the resident WWE geek in the company and often updates the uninterested of the latest goings-on in the world of wrestling.

- Lilian Gordon

UI/UX Specialist

Lilian deals with all the User Experience Design elements of our sites which are the more analytical and technical fields.Lilian’s passion is everything Japanese. Having visited many times and studied in Japan on a 5 month sabbatical, Lillian is now fluent in the Japanese language, food and traditions, a subject that simply fascinates her.

- Sergey Tokaryev


Sergey knows everything there is to know about the mechanics of a website from start to finish. A wonderful character that is situated behind the scenes but possibly plays the biggest role for everyone else to be able to do their jobs. A technical wizard known in AWD as “Harry Potter”.Sergey spends most of his down-time with his family, visiting museums, parks and enjoying his young children.

- Sebastian Eiffal


Sebastian has been along side Sergey for the last few years and has also produced some amazing work. If Sebastian continues to learn from his protege, at this rate he will surpass him and go onto become a great in his own right!Sebastian is a dark horse, with his French background he is the smartest looking and best dressed man on the block – fashion sense seems to come naturally to the French and Sebastian is the finest of examples of this – daywear or nightwear…he’s a head turner.

Anova Special Features – PPC Campaigns

AWD can also manage your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns by using artificial Intelligence Algorithms.
Most companies run paid ad campaigns either through in-house employees or third party companies, they can typically expect to have about 7-15% of their marketing budget utilized in this area.
Running an effective PPC campaign can be quite complicated. There are hundreds of thousands of variables to take into consideration in order to maximize a campaigns efficiency. Of course, since a human is limited by time, one can never look and optimize for every different variable.

This is where AWD works completely differently.We have experts in:

Deep learning

Machine learning

Business Intelligence

Using the combined experience of our employees, we developed algorithms that look at all of the different variables involved with a PPC campaign, all at the same time.

By using those algorithms we are able to send commands to Google Adwords in real-time, which allows us to optimize the campaigns to their maximum potential.

In simple words; we know when, where and how to bid on specific keywords based on thousands of different variables simultaneously.

Our Services

We Care About Your Business


Creative Design
Web & Mobile

Our strategy services, supply personalized digital solutions to turn your company into market leaders. We believe that great web design, equals great marketing, which leads to great success. Our team delivers the best results by working with the best platforms and the latest technology.

Strategy Consulting





Mobile Application
Android &  iOS

Mobile applications are the strongest sources for media, marketing, and communicating with your customers. We can also help you Drive traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines for valuable keywords.

Google & Bing
Responsive Design

Google announced that they will utilize mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. Therefore, every AWD project has a responsive design as standard!

Social Sharing Features

Social sharing is one of the most powerful ways to engage your website visitor and keep them updated in the organization’s daily events.

Standards Compliant Coding

AWD works with state-of-the-art standard coding and we are always seeking for the newest and latest technology available, in order to give our clients and their clients the best experience

Design Bundles

Design Bundles are created to enhance the organizations branding. A continuation of the website, for example; brochure format, marketing material or business cards etc.


Successful Projects


Staff Members


International Offices


Coffee Cups

  • Fully Responsive Websites

  • Retina Ready Website

  • One-Page or Multi-Page

  • Parallax Backgrounds

  • Navigation Styling

  • Host security

  • Unlimited Color Options

  • Latest Coding Structure

  • WordPress

  • Joomla

  • Drupal

  • Bootstrap

  • HTML5

  • server

  • E-commerce

  • website security


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